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 Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1

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Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1   Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1 EmptyTue Sep 18, 2012 6:43 pm

Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1 89178_CN

Magimar is the greatest city of the north, a huge megapolis controlled by six guilds. The city was founded
1000 years ago by the paruns, the guildmasters, and it has continued to grow ever since. Today, it covers
about 60% of the kingdom, with more than 200 000 who came to live here from all corners of Golarion.
The city is divided into several districts, almost each of the districts under the rule of one of the guilds.


Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1 R169_457x256_8656_Dock_2d_landscape_fantasy_boat_dock_cat_architecture_picture_image_digital_art

Docks, aslo known as the Lower Town, are the poorest part of the city. They are reserved for beggars and imigrants
who have nowhere to go. The docks are usualy the place where most crime happens, since no guild has ever taken
full control of this part of the city. Therefor, 300 years ago, a Wojek stronghold has been built on the docks by the
orders of Aurellia.

The Wojeks try to mantain order in the docks, but with the evergrowing number of imigrants, their job is becoming
harder and harder to preform. That is why a location called Darktown was build in the docks. It is place filled with
the worst kind of scum one can find. In agreement with the Grey Senate and the Supreme Legion, the Wojeks will
not venture into darktown and they will leave that part of the city islolated from the politics of the ruling guilds, therefor
allowing criminals to live freely, but only as long as they stay in Darktown.

The second part of the docks is called Commons, and it is a place where imigrants and local folk live. A chruch was build there
by Obzediath, a bald move that other guilds did not take likely, but it had drawn so much attraction among imigrants that
the guilds have decided to leave it there. The church is now a church of Seomer, the God of the sea. but there is also a
statue of Saren, a pirate hero who had died 600 years ago saving the world, in front of the church.

There is also a small market and a main square, a place where celebrations usualy take place. This year, the kingdom's
1000th birthday celebration will take place on the main square in the docks.

Upper city

Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1 1308267387306

The Upper City starts where the docks end and it is connected to the docks by a huge bridge known as
''The Bridge of Approwal'', a symbolic name which means that only those who have proven their worth
might come live in the upper city.

Rich folk make most of the Upper Cities population. They do not have to fear being robbed or murdered in
this part of the city due to the fact that all six guilds are watching over it and it is quite rare that someone manages
to get away with breaking the law.

Each of the six guilds has several buildings here, but none can compare to the Waterworks.

Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1 Buildings.islands-and-water.return-to-ravnica-Island

Waterworks was built by Xelor to provide fresh water for the entire Magimar. This massive complex of fountains, levitating
pools and smaller buildings is the main attraction to the people of Magimar. There are massive devices in the Waterworks
that draw water from many of Magimar's sinkholes.

Waterworks is under the protection of Xelor and Sylvania guilds. Although they rarely see eye to eye, they both depend on
a fresh water supply, so while Xelor workers work constantly to keep the Waterworks running, Trostani's best water elementals
protect this massive complex, even from the Xelor workers, in case they decide to go rogue.

The second most famous and most important place in the upper city is the Beacon Palace.

Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1 Buildings.whitesuns-passage_USD48-large-print

The Beacon Palace was designed by Niv as a place which will provide heath for the entire city, but since the entire guild had
done so much damage to the city and had to pay it off, Niv had to stop the project. Five years later, during the
Great Winter, when most of the city was covered in snow and people were freezing, the Ghost Council of Obzediath had
gave Xelor guild money and resources to finish the construction and what they asked from Niv in return was that
he allows them to use it as a place of worship of their goodness and power.

Trostani's Garden

Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1 Tumblr_ma0194liaV1qhj2qj

Without doubt the most beautiful part of the city is the one under the control of Sylvania Conclave.
Therefor, this breathtaking natural part of the city is called Trostani's Garden, and the powerful
Trostani likes that.

There are all kinds of fey creatures living in this part of the city. From elves to centaurs, Trostani's Garden
serves as a home to all. However, there are some parts of the Garden whcih have raised more questions
than praise, and one of them is the Ruined City.

Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1 L

The Ruined City is a massive complex of ancient buildings covered in grass. No one, except for maybe the guildmasters,
knowns how old is this part of the Garden, yet Trostani claims her hold over it. Over centuries, drakes and dragons have
come to this part of the city to build nests and lay eggs. That is why it is dangerous to wander this part of the city alone.

Many years ago, Sylvania and Xelor waged war over the Ruined City. The main reason for this were the dragons which
came there and Niv sought to exterminate all inteligent members of his kind, leaving only the most primitive of
the dragonkind. Trostani, however, wished to see nature take its course and the two fought for nearly five years, until
Trostani finaly gave up and let the great Dracogenius devour all inteligent dragons. Nowdays, Niv is the only dragon
left in Varisia, although many believe this to be false.

Those who have wandered into the Ruined City have discovered a shocking secret. There are many remains of a
far advanced thechnology than that which Xelor uses. Niv has traveled to the Ruined City to research these remains
and proclaimed rumors to be false. The technology was not more advanced than his, but it was based on an entirely
different form of magic.

One of the most important landmarks in Trostani's Garden is the Chapel of the Wilds.

Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1 Temple_garden_art_by_rob_alexander

The Chaple of the Wilds is a massive chaple with several smaller chaples in it. It serves as a place of peace and worship, a
palce where one can come and rest his troubled mind. The chaple is guarded by elementals and Trostani's famous nature's heralds,
druids with outstanding power. In the past, Trostani had argued with the Ghost Council over the construction of the Chaple,
since the greedy Obzediath were in control of religion, but they finaly made a deal and the Chaple was constructed.

However, no part of Trostani's Garden is as important as the great Vitu-Ghazi, the City Tree.

Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1 Vitu-Ghazi,%20the%20City-Tree

Vitu-Ghazi is an ancient tree that has been here long before the city was build and Trostani had build her guildhall on top of it.
The very tree is the source of Sylvanian's power and very reason why there is so much food in the city. Without the great tree,
the soil in the city would soon go bad and the city would lose its food supply. Trostani lives at the very top of Vitu-Ghazi from where
she controls the activities of her guild. When Borborygmos invaded the city, he destroyed most of it, but he left Vitu-Ghazi alone
and may suspect that it was because the wise and powerful Trostani would animate the great tree if any harm came to it.

The Undercity

Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1 Return-to-ravnica-art-spoiler-rakdos-1

Deep beneath the lowest bridges of Magimar and under the constant fog beneath them, lies the Undercity, a mining complex
which was build long before any other part of the city.

No one is sure who designed the Undercity and most believe that it was Niv, the Dracogenius which had designed all other
important parts of the city. Those who doubt that say that its very design is too primitive and too unstable, the walls look
like they could fall apart at any time, However, there are those who live in the Undercity.

Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1 Rakdos10

The Slums is a part of the Undercity where humans, orcs, ogres and goblins live. Many consider this to be the worst part of the
city and miners try to avoid it any way they can. The craziest lunatics of Magimar inhabit the Slums and they are far worse
than those who live in the Darktown. However, no guild has taken any action about it. The Grey Senate does not care for what
happens beneath the city and the Supreme Legion has its soldiers patroling the stairs which lead to the Slums, but that is all.

Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1 Ravnica_Mountain_6193435

Rix Maadi, the Dunegon Palace, is a huge mining complex beneath Magimar. All gold and silver comes from this place,
yet there are only a few who dare work here. This mining complex is so huge that miners often get lost and are never
seen again. Those who work there or have worked there claim that they have often heard inhuman voices coming from the
walls and tunnels which lead even deeper underground. However, a miner's pay is high because miners are requierd for
the city to run, and there are always dwarves so gladly take the job.

''You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders."
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Magimar: The city of guilds, Part 1
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