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 High elves

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PostSubject: High elves   Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:38 am

The high elves, or Helimaari in their native tongue, are the wisest and the
oldest of the elves, or Elruyin in their native tongue. They reside in Everlast city,
the capitol of their great Helimaari Empire.

The high elves had were the first of the Elruyin to gain the gift of magic and
as such, they were worshiped and feared by their brethren. Although they had
the power to subject other elves, the chose not to do that, since slavery was
too barbaric for them. Instead, they left they brethren in peace and they had
founded their own empire, the Helimaari Empire.

The high elves played a major role in the Sundering, an event that cursed many
of their kind and turned them into dark elves or Derymaari. Ever since the Sundering,
other mortal races had kept a watchful eye on the high elves, believing that it is
just a matter of time when another one of their archmages decides to experiment
with ancient magic and creates another Sundering.

While they are not the first to jump into a war, the high elves are powerful wizards and
great fighters, as the history of the world proves(once, many years ago, a high elf managed
to slay a red dragon all by himself). The high elves see themselves above the struggles of
other mortal races, mostly due to the fact that they consider all those who are not
Elruyin primitive and savage. They are only interested in gathering more knowledge and
power, though it is unknown what they intend to do when they gather enough.


The high elves live in Helimaari Empire ruled by emperor Elessar Sunseeker of the house
Sunseeker, son of Elwë Sunseeker, son of Fëanor Sunseeker. The will of the emperor is
the law among high elves. The Sunseeker house has ruled the Helimaari Empire for over
eight centuries, with Elessar Sunseeker ruling for two centuries.

The high elven society is divided into two groups: the High and the Low and the Silent. The High
are those born in one of several ruling houses, the ones with titles or the ones who had
mastered the arcane arts. The Low are the common folk who do not come from noble houses
or have titles or have mastered the arcane arts. The Silent are the poorest of the high elves, the
ones who are unable to learn the arcane arts or to wield a sword or to contribute to the society
in any political or economical way. The only purpose of the Silent is to serve the High as their slaves.
Therefor, the Silent are marked by the High by having their left ear cut off.

It is possible for a Low high elf to advance into the ranks of the High, but it is not possible for
the Silent to advance in the ranks of the Low.


+2 intelligence, +2 charisma, -2 constitution: The high elves are smart and beautiful, but frail.
Low light vision 60ft
Extra level 1 spell per day: The high elves are gifted in the arts of spellcraft.
+2 to knowledge(arcane), +2 to spellcraft skill checks.
Proficiency with all elven weapons.
Favored class: Wizard.

''You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders."
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High elves
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