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Out of all mortal races of Sinarius the dragonkin are the oldest and most powerful.
They were created by the Elder Dragons to serve them as their worshipers and
guardians of their temples. There are ten different kinds of dragonkin, each bearing
one color that belongs to the Elder Dragon that created them. Just like their creators,
the dragonkin don't look eye to eye with others of their kind and they often wage war
among themselves. Over centuries, this resulted in a drastic decrease of their population.


The black dragonkin live underground near to black orc settlements. They are power hungry
warmongers and they are worshiped by the black orcs as ambassadors of their god. The black
dragonkin live only to gather more power in the underground and serve the will of their creator.

The green dragonkin live in wast forests, jungles, swamps and tropical islands. They are slave
owners who build their own little kingdoms as is the will of their creator. They are the rulers of
lizardfolk who worship them as their ancestors, though there is no connection between the two.
Although power hungry, the green dragonkin are not beyond reason and can make powerful allies
if given the right price.

The blue dragonkin live in wast deserts. There, they gather riches and artifacts of great power
and present them to the local blue dragons. They are ruthless and cunning, but unlike other
dragonkin, they are completely subjected to the will of blue dragons and would not dare to act
for themselves.

The white dragonkin are a menace in the northern lands. They are the least intelligent of their
kind and are interested in nothing else but war. Each other creature that is not a dragonkin is
their enemy and their prey. They are beyond reason and are more likely to strike on sight then
to plan an ambush.

The red dragonkin are the most powerful of the bunch. They serve the mighty red dragons that
dwell in the mountains and they dedicate their lives in protecting their master's hoard. When not
protecting the hoard, the red dragonkin often attack nearby settlements and steal as much gold
as possible.

The copper dragonkin live in isolation from other races. They protect the temples of their masters.
They are quite peaceful and are intrigued by the struggles of this world, yet they care little for
doing anything about it. Most of them are pranksters and while good willed, they have a very short
attention span.

The bronze dragonkin live near settlements of other races. They are mercenaries who will aid others
in need if the price is right. Usually, a bronze dragon is not far away from the bronze dragonkin.

The brass dragonkin are spellcasters and philosophers. They are often seen among other races, usually
spending their time in the local wizards academy or mages guilds where they discuss topics of interest
with local spellcasters. Although powerful, they prefer to talk their way out of most fights.

The silver dragonkin are paladins. They often ally with other paladins and clerics on their quests to
vanquish a powerful evil. They have a few temples, but their locations are held in the deepest secrecy.
Some organizations have a wast amount of silver dragonkin in them.

The gold dragonkin are the most powerful of their kind. Most mortal races see them as avatars of the
gold Elder Dragon. They are the embodiment of good and are often found helping other races in whatever
way possible, as long as it is not in contrary with their believes.


+6 strength, +4 constitution, +2 wisdom, +2 intelligence, +2 charisma: The dragonkin are the most ancient
and most powerful of all mortal races.
Darkvision 60ft
Natural armor +1: The scales on the dragonkin body provide them with natural armor.
Elemental resistance 5: Dragonkin are resistant to a certain type of elemental damage(depends on their color).
Large size: Dragonkin are large sized.
Level adjustment +2: Dragonkin characters are stronger so the level up slower than others.

''You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders."
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