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 Story: Dawn of Creation, Gods and Old Ones

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PostSubject: Story: Dawn of Creation, Gods and Old Ones   Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:22 pm

''We are the Gods who hold dominion over this world.
The givers of life.
The stewards of the wilds.
The guardians of the dead.
Some would manipulate mortals,
Create catastrophes,
Send monsters to terrorize the land.
Such are the whims of the Gods.''

Gods are the creators of things and the most powerful beings in existence. They live in the
Divine Plane from where they observe the rest of the multiverse. Some gods enjoy meddling
into the lives of mortals while others enjoy observing mortals or fighting one another. There
are five major gods in the multiverse and they are all almost equal in power.

There also exists a number of lesser gods, but these gods are not gods in the full meaning of
the word but immortal creatures of great power who have their own domains. Although that
might sound like they are true gods, the lesser gods are nowhere near as powerful as the
major gods and they can be killed at the hands of another deity, something that can't happen
to any of the major gods.

Beside gods, there are also other beings which wield a portion of divine power and those are
archdukes of hell, demon lords, old gods from the Far Realm, elemental kings, primordials and
other ancient creatures. Some creatures like lesser demons have the ability to grant some sort
of power to their worshipers, but that amount of power is extremely limited.

Helios, God of the Sun

Helios is the God of the Sun. He is one of the most worshiped gods among humans and,
on extremely rare occasions, he talks through his prophets. Helios is also known as the
God of Life and is the source of positive energy. Following his will, the Church of Helios
banned necromancy and necromancer were brought to near extinction.

Nyktix, God of Death

Nyktix is the God of Death and the God of Night. He is the brother of Helios and they don't
usually see eye to eye. Nyktix spends his time observing the Ethereal Plane and making sure
that no spirits escape from it(possession is alright with him). He is the source of negative
energy and the patron of the undead.

Oberon, God of the Sea:

Oberon is the God of sea, wisdom and magic. He is the oldest and the wisest of the five
deities. He is the patron of all sailors and beings that live in his domain and he is also the patron
of wizards. Just like the sea itself, Oberon is often unpredictable, leaving the other deities to
wonder what is their oldest brother up to next.

Purphoros, God of Fire:

Purphoros if the God of fire and the earth. He is a master blacksmith and patron of the
dwarves. Many legends say that it was Purphoros who forged the planes on his great anvil.
Although wise, Purphoros is rash and when he does not forge, he craves excitement that he
can only gain through war.

Animya, Godess of Nature:

Animya is the only female deity of the bunch. She is their little sister and they are often
quite protective about her. Animya is the Godess of Nature and Godess of Love.
She is the patron deity of wild elves.

The story:

No one knows how and/or why Gods came to existence nor does it matter. These beings of unlimited power
had spent their time creating multiple universes, hence the term multiverse, mostly out of pure boredom or
other unknown reasons. Their greatest creation was Sinarius, the Prime Material Plane, but it was not their
first creation.

When Gods started to shape our universe, they had stumbled upon a couple of planes of existence that
predated everything they had created so far. These planes were placed on the very edge of existence and
thus they were named the Far Realm. The story of the Far Realm is a long and complicated one so I will keep
it on need to know basis. The Gods have learned that whenever they had created something that there would
be some leftover energy. That energy went to the very edge of the universe and started to take form. Thus
Far Realm was created. Imagine it as a dumping ground of the universe. This is important because when Gods
were created, the leftover energy created the Old Ones, an evil counterpart of the five major deities. These
Old Ones had devoted themselves to destroying everything that the Gods have created.

Far Realm

A huge war erupted between the Gods and the Old Ones. There is no doubt that the Gods were more powerful,
but as the war progressed, the Gods had learned that since the Old Ones were created from them that they were
directly connected to the Far Realm which is a name for a series of planes created by leftover energy, destroying
the Old Ones would cause the destruction of the Far Realm and, because of the massive amount of energy released
after its destruction, the destruction of all creation. After consulting among themselves, the Gods decided to
imprison the Old Ones instead of destroying them, thus ending the war.

There are three known Old Ones and their names are: Yarr'Halan, the Endless Void, Norr'Andu, the Nightmare Storm
and Sharr'Yanar, the Corrupter. Here is some brief information about them(and only information that most people
know). Cults of the Old Ones still exist on Sinarius.

Yarr'Halan, the Endless Void

Yarr'Halan, the Endless Void, is a colossal living nightmare. It seems to be composed out of ooze
but that would not be the case. It is in face pure oblivion given flesh. Only on the surface does
it seem to be composed out of ooze, but on inside it is an endless void of darkness.

Norr'Andu, the Nightmare Storm

Norr'Andu, the Nightmare Storm, is a living storm with the head of a dragon. It is composed out of
nightmares and it feeds on them.

Sharr'Yanar, the Corrupter

Sharr'Yanar, the Corrupter, is the cruelest and the most cunning one of the Old Ones. He is not so
focused on destroying all life by brutal force as he is focused on corrupting all those around him and
turning them into his slaves.

The first beings that came to be on Sinarius were the Elder Dragons, followed by Leviathan and the Primordials, the
first beings of each race. Eventually, mortal races were created with elves coming first, followed by the dwarves and
then followed by humans.

So, where are the Gods now?

The Gods exist on a plane known as the Divine Plane from where they observe their creations and travel to multiple

Divine Plane

The Divine Plane is a place where deities live. It is the second largest plane in existence as it is separated into several
minor planes or layers which belong to specific deities. All deities, both good and evil, live together on this plane. At the
very center of the plane exists a huge portal. The deities use it to travel through the multiverse or send others to other
planes of existence. Unlike other planes of existence, the Divine plane is unreachable by any except the deities themselves
and natives to the Divine plane.

Today, Gods rarely act. Instead, they send their avatars to do their work for them since they are very busy controlling
and maintaining the multiverse.

''You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders."
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Story: Dawn of Creation, Gods and Old Ones
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