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 The Abyss

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PostSubject: The Abyss    Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:51 am

The Abyss, the Burning Plane, the Land of Eternal Fire, is the domain of the demon lord Nezzrexiel, the
father of all demonkind. Abyss came to being countless eons ago when the Gods created the first plane
ever. It was formed from the chaos of the universe and it gave birth to the first being in all of creation,
the arch demon lord Nezzrexiel. The Gods, although omnipotent, could not come up with a permanent solution
to the Abyss since the very existence of the plane was the will of the nature of reality. Where there was
good, there had to be evil and Abyss became a counterpart of creation. Even if the Gods had destroyed it,
it would reform itself in a manner of seconds. Even more than that, Nezzrexiel found a way to hide Abyss
from all divination, making it impossible for the Gods to find it.

Nezzrexiel, the Arch Demon Lord of the Abyss

The moment the Abyss was created, Nezzrexiel became the first non-God being in existence. He is the very
opposite of the Gods. While they are mostly about creation and order, he is about destruction and chaos.
Nezzrexiel was not created by the Gods but from the Abyss itself. He created the demonkind in his own
image and now he rules as their God. His motivation is simple; the destruction of all there is. Only on one
occasion did the Gods fought him but although the could harm him, they could not kill him. Ever since that
battle, Nezzrexiel has shielded himself from all divination and the Gods still can't locate him.

Nezzrexiel is virtually invulnerable. He is immune to all forms of damage and the only beings powerful enough
to harm him were the Gods themselves. When it comes to pure physical strength, Nezzrexiel is strong enough
to punch a planet in half and his very presence on a plane makes the plane explode in a manner of minutes. He
is immortal and immune to all forms of magic. He is not omnipotent and his power is closely connected to the
infinite layers of the Abyss. The more planes he adds to the Abyss, the more powerful he is.

A plane beginning the process of terraforming

What does the infinite layers of the Abyss mean and what is the nature of the Abyss? All of this can easily
be explained. Imagine that Abyss is a disease that spreads from one person to another. Much like that, the
Abyss spreads from one plane to another via terraforming, the process of reshaping the land. Outsiders like
demons can't travel through the Nexus, a place between planes, unless summoned so they had to find another
way to move from one plane to another. Although they can't travel between planes, they can travel to any
part of the Abyss without any problem at all. Knowing this, Nezzrexiel created the Pool of Corruption, magical
pools that can be summoned by demons to any plane where they currently are and begin the process of terraforming,
turning that plane into a part of the Abyss. Once the process is complete, the demons can invade the plane
and conquer it.

The process of terraforming requires an insane amount of energy. It is not as simple as a bunch of demons performing
a ritual to bring a Pool of Corruption to a plane and it usually takes years of careful planing and harvesting power.
Even then, the Pool of Corruption slowly corrupts the plane and it takes a lot of time before it generates enough power
to bring at least one demon lord to a plane.

Nezzrexiel actually has the power to sacrifice any number of layers of the Abyss(terraformed planes) in order to force
open portals to the Abyss and send his demons to swiftly conquer a plane. This, however, leaves him weakened and
he uses this only if he has no other options. Although he is hellbent on conquering Sinarius, that plane is under protection
of beings even more powerful than him like Gods and Old Ones so the only way to conquer it is by careful planing and
through Pools of Corruption. In other words, he can't use his power to force open portals to the Abyss on Sinarius.

Demon Lords:

There are five demon lords known to mortals. They are the most powerful servants of Nezzrexiel and each of them rules
several layers of the Abyss. They are the ones who conquer planes and lead invasions since their master does not wish
to risk the plane exploding due to his very presence. Here you will find all known info about the demon lords.

Baalenar, the Lord of Deception

Baalenar is the demon lord of deception and lies. In terms of pure power, he is the weakest of the demon lords, but what
he lacks in pure strength he compensates in his unrivaled intellect. Other demon lords have a hard time trusting him since
lies are a huge part of his nature, but Nezzrexiel trusts him enough to let him plan invasions and manipulate demon worshiping

Anihilus, the Lord of Carnage

Anihilus is the demon lord of carnage and murder. He is the biggest and strongest of all demon lords, though he is also the
least intelligent one. He is often to one who is sent to conquer any plane that decides to put up a good fight, though his
thirst for carnage often does more damage than good. Some primitive savage races like minotaurs worship Anihilus.

Tyrandruss, the Lord of War

Tyrandruss is the demon lord of war and destruction. He is a master tactician and Nezzrexiel's favored general. He controls
the largest demon army in the Abyss and he has conquered more planes that any other demon lord. However, his greatest
weakness is his thirst for war and he often fights with other demon lords for dominion over their layers of the Abyss, but his
master finds that entertaining and thus refuses to do anything about it.

Nerazziel, the Lord of Pain

Nerazziel is the demon lord of pain and suffering. He is also the first demon lord and is often referred to as the ''Son of Nezzrexiel'',
although the God of demons has never confirmed this. Nerazziel is the one who came up with the idea of Pools of Corruption and
he has conquered many planes. He wield the Scythe of Suffering, a weapon that he himself crafted from the bones of a leviathan
that he had killed many eons ago. Hags and other foul creatures often worship Nerazziel.

Karnassus, the Lord of Sin

Karnassus is the demon lord of sin and death. Although he looks threatening, he rarely ever appears on a battlefield. Instead, he
poisons the minds of mortals and is responsible for them creating demon worshiping cults. Other demon lords see him as a coward,
but he is in fact a mastermind that operates behind the scenes. He is also more than capable of holding his own ground in a battle
because the more sinners he creates, the more powerful he is(on a certain plane).

Thus ends this lecture of the Abyss. All of this demon lords have played a huge part in the history of Sinarius, but that will be explained
in other stories.

''You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders."
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The Abyss
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