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 Lore Holy Human Empirea

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PostSubject: Lore Holy Human Empirea   Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:25 pm

Lore mjesta odakle pocinjete.

Holy Human Empire was formed at 126, Year of the Dragons.

It was founded on the remains of two human kingdoms, Yasgral and Sunlast, after the Elven Wars. The first emperor, Titus Julius Bernar, a nobleman and a former war general of Ysgral, also known as Titus the Just, has founded the Empire on the Plains of the Sun while signing a threaty with the Elven High Kingdoms, an event known as the Dawn of the Thousand Cheers.

The first emperor was the one who had made the flag of the Empire, a golden dragon on a blue surface, in honor of a unnamed golden dragon which had appeared to him back when he was a child. He had afounded the New Order, an order of knights in service of the emperor, and he had also founded the Academy of High Arcana, along with an elven archamge Tayshir.

The second emperor was Ankhbarn Red-mane, also known as Ankhbarn the Wise. Unlike the first emperor, Ankhbarn believed that the Empire should serve as a home to other races as well, not just humans and elves. So came the first dwarves to the Empire and they had brought many secrets of blacksmithing with them. Ankhbarn had also created several mage guilds along the Empire and first made contact with Avalanche Kingdom, a kingdom to the north pass the Whirlpool Sea.

The thrid emperor was Gardfagh Red-mane, son of Ankhbarn Red-mane and also known as Gardfagh the Warrior. He became empror during the Black Invasion when soldiers of the Black Legion had tried to conquer the Empire in order to gain a swift acces to Skyforge, a land north of Avalanche Kingdom. Gardfagh led the Empire into victory, but at the cost of sacrificing the elf populated part of the Empire and thus breaking the alliance with the Elven High Kingdom.

The fourth emperor was Davenrias Hawke, also known as Davenrias the Diplomat. He had expanded the Empire's influence to the west, over Blackstone Mountains, by aiding other smaller kingdoms whcih were nearly destroyed during the Black Invasion. He had also tried to reforge the alliance with Elven High Kingdoms, but his efforts were in vain.

The current emperor is Elril Shieldheart, nowdays known as Elril the Paranoid. He resides in the Imperial Palace where he watches over the smaller kingdoms under the influence of the Empire while at the same time waging a cold war against the Elven High Kingdom. Ever since Davenrias was murdered by an unknown assassin, Elril has become paranoid and he locked himself up in his room. Only a few have seen him and Lucius Maximus Goldmane, the knight commander of the Holy Human Empire, acts on the emperor's behalf.With the emperor absent, the Elven High Kingdom is trying to gain control over other kingdoms under the influnce of the Empire.

And now, after centuries of peace, an old threat returns. The Black Legion has arrived once again and it threatens to consume all of Empire. Many villages burn and people flee to saftey, to Golarion, in hopes of creating a better future for themselves.

U skaldu sa loreom si radite pricu.
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Lore Holy Human Empirea
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