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 Favored Soul

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PostSubject: Favored Soul   Favored Soul EmptyMon Nov 24, 2014 1:33 pm

Favored Soul Favore10


Unlike paladins and clerics, favored souls have been chosen by deities to act as their weapon on this world. While clerics tend to be more of
a preachy and spell oriented sort, favored souls are more combat oriented than clerics. Favored souls are often compared to paladins, but
in reality, they are a combination of cleric and paladin, gaining the best of both worlds. Much like paladins, favored souls must follow a strict
code of conduit or else they will lose all of their abilities permanently.

Race: Any
Alignment: Any
Hit die: d10
Skills points at 1st level: (4+intelligence modifier)x2
Skill points per level: 4+intelligence modifier
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Favored Soul
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