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Believed to have been designed by the Architects themselves, the Arsyrri are an ancient
race of almost skeletal beings that live beyond the Iron Plains.

Long ago they were one of the most powerful and advanced civilizations on Sinarius, until
their whole nation came crumbling down during the Ascension when the former leader
of Arsyrri believed to have found a way to achieve omnipotence and ascend to godhood,
but he had failed and his attempt cost him his life, along with a good portion of the nation
that was consumed in the explosion caused by his failure. The Arsyrri have never completely
recovered from that defeat.

The Arsyrri now life beyond the Iron Plains and claim to be the protectors of the Void, a mythical
dimension where the Architects live. Although their nation has been more less restored, they are
still struggling to regain their status quo in the world. Although they have learned a lot from their
past experience, the Arsyrri still seek out perfection and a way to ascend into godhood and take
their rightful place beside the Architects, only they do it more carefully now.


Arsyrri          Elesh-norn-complete

The Arsyrri are faithful followers of Norn, their living godess and, in their eyes, perfection take form.
Although they believe themselves to be descendants of the Architects who created everything, Arsyrri
do not worship them as gods but instead worship the representation of them which is perfection and
since Norn is by far the most powerful Arsyrri ever to have existed, she in the embodiment of their
perfection and thus she is worshiped as their god.

Norn's rise to power is pretty vague but what is known is that at some point after the Ascension the
Arsyrri had tried to open a portal to the Void and beg the Architects for assistance in rebuilding their
nation. Norn was one of the arsyrri who led this project. The arsyrri claim that, for a brief moment,
a portal had began to take form, but then a flash of light engulfed the whole room, disintegrating almost
everyone within it except for a lucky few who remained horribly scarred. Norn and the other leading arsyrri
had dissapeared without a trace and were believed to have been disintegrated like the rest, but two weeks
Norn had reappeared at the very border of Iron Plains. More so than that, she wielded newfound powers
that were far beyond anything any other arsyrri could even dream of. Because of this she was proclaimed
a living god. To this day Norn claims to have stared at Void and that the Void stared back at her right before
sending her back to her homeland.

Arsyrri          Tumblr_nfgdkbJ7Ja1rwiup7o3_500

The followers of Norn live and die by her word and seek to become as perfect as she is. Whenever a arsyrri dies,
Norn absorbs its memories and experiences and uses them to enhance the arsyrri gene pool, making the following
generations a small step closer to perfection. Thus, even in death the arsyrri are of service to their god and their

All arsyrri follow the Word of Norn

Arsyrri          Tumblr_inline_n6njw48NZh1r9lhsj

There are no churches in arsyrri society but there is clergy and it comes in the form of Blind ones.
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