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 Nova rasa forum competition

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PostSubject: Nova rasa forum competition   Nova rasa forum competition EmptySun Nov 03, 2013 9:09 pm

Joj, vidi sto opet uradih xD

Uglavnom, ostavljam vas da se vi jebete sa ovime Razz

Radi se o izradi nove rase. Debata ce se odrzati na forumu i trajati ce dok god ja ne zatvorim ovaj topic(ja jako brzo radim, jelte).

Da bi vas potaknuo na razmisljanje, uciniti cemo ovo malim natjecanjem.
Buduci da nas je samo troje, podijeliti cemo nagrade na 3 mjesta.

1. Igrac koji osvoji prvo mjesto ce od mene, DMa, dobiti dopustenje da koristi bilo koji jedanu stvar iz bilo koje knjige, ukljucujuci 3rd party publishere i DND 3,5.

2. Igrac koji osvoji drugo mjesto ce od mene, DMa, dobiti 2 hero pointa.

3. Igrac koji osvoji trece mjesto ce od mene, DMa, dobiti 1 hero point i cokoladu.

Kako se natjecemo?

Ovako, predlazite mi interesantne ideje za rase. Bonuse, minuse, abilitye itd.
Ne zelim vidjeti samo razgovor sa nabacanim idejama, zelim vidjeti diskusiju medu igracima.

Nakon toga cu ja sve to procitati, uzeti neke stvari o kojima ste pricali i napraviti rasu.
Igrac cijih ce najvise ideja biti u toj rasi ili cija ce cijela ideja biti ta rasa odnosi pobjedu i prvo mjesto.

Dakle...khm...pocnite, ne?

Ukoliko nista od vas ne uzmem, jbg, bijelo frende xD

''You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders."
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PostSubject: Centaron   Nova rasa forum competition EmptySun Nov 03, 2013 10:52 pm

Nova rasa forum competition Insectoid_humanoid_by_funkychinaman-d51mxfk

Type: Humanoid (Insects), with the monstrous humanoid or construct sub-type, depending on their age and/or physical implants.

Personality: Centaren are obsessed with perfection and invention. Therefore, they spend most of their time on crafting and creating everything they can come up with, and will never leave a task unfinished. This obsession with perfection is even reflected in augmenting their own bodies, magically or through engineering, and being able to add on parts they deem fit, or remove them if they cease to serve their purpose. Through such methods, the centaren have effectively increased their life-expectancy and durability, which is reflected in their strength and physical stature, and the fact that they have nearly rooted out all of the natural-born diseases that plagued them. However, they are also very secretive, and rarely share their ideas and thoughts with others they do not think of as equals. They are also very reasonable and composed, so as to sometimes even be able to remain calm in the most dire of circumstances. One of their most favored companions are dwarven engineers, but they don't mind the company of asimar either. Others they deem untrustworthy until proven otherwise.

Society: Centaren are almost always male; females are rare, and live twice as long as the average male. Roughly one female is born every 100 years, while a single centaron male is born to a single queen every 10 seconds; in colonies with two or more queens, this number is frighteningly greater, while the number for females born stays the same. Centaren societies are extremely organized and complex, and are formed around a caste-system in which it is almost impossible to ascend. They live in subterranean colony-cities, ruled by a queen-mother, or sometimes by a Council of Queens, if two or more happen to be members of the same colonial society. Most colonies have recognizable markers that distinguish them from each other, such as horns, an extra set of hands, a larger torso, or a tail even. They are creatures most comfortable in complete darkness, so the upper world is not a place where they go to often. They keep contact with dwarven mountain cities the most, as the lack of sunlight appeals to them, and the cities they frequent have agreed to keep their presence a secret from others, even other dwarfs, but mostly from the centaron's natural enemies, the androids, and the orcs. Some colonies are so secretive that they don't even make their presence known, and are mostly considered to be part of legends and tell-tale stories.

Life Cycles: From the moment of their birth, a centaron's role is determined, and he is implanted with a piece of metal that will best suit that role, in addition to an implant that represents his colonial belonging. When it comes to warriors, their blood-canalie pump (an organ similar to the human heart) is replaced with a quicksilver pump that must have its canister replaced every year. Guards and defenders, on the other hand, get their bones laced with adamant, which gives them durability and strength, but makes them a bit slower. Drones get a second set of titanium hands, to be more productive and effective, and to be able to haul cargo no one else is capable of. Spellcrafters have their hands magically enhanced to aid them in casting more quickly spells that have somatic components. Alchemists and engineers get four "spider legs" attached to their back to assist them in their work. There are other subjective implants, and numerous variations for children of noblemen, but for others this is it in a nutshell.
When they have reached the age of 30, they receive an additional implant as a reward for loyal service. This process is repeated every 30 years, until the centaron is between the ages of 180 and 300, when most of its body, if not all of it except the brain, has been replaced by add-on and implantation. At that point the centaron is considered to have reached mid-life, and is expected to present its personal life's work and join the Court of Eldars. Rarely do any join the centaren's mystical Court of Eldars, but those who do are the only ones who get the chance to ascend a caste rank.

Adventurers: Centaren rarely choose the life of a nomad, both for reasons of having to stop being secretive and for having to withstand the annoying light of day. However, due to their social system, they are fit for almost any role or class of which they have knowledge, though sometimes they result in somewhat different versions of those, since their physique is so changing.

Bonus options depend on initial implantation choice, and can be only as follows:
-> +2STR +4CON -6CHA
-> +2DEX +4CON -6CHA
-> +6CON -6CHA
-> +4CON +2 INT -2CHA
-> +4CON +2WIS -2CHA

- Intimidating: Due to its grotesque physiology, a centaron does not add his Charisma modifier to his Intimidate checks, and gets a +2 to all Intimidate rolls made against creatures that are not extraplanar, monstrous or aberrations, or a +4 against creatures and animals with an Intelligence score of 6 or lower.
- Birthright: From the moment of their birth, centaren are implanted with perfective material to aid them in fulfilling their role in society. This choice is at the GM's discretion, and the player may choose only any one form of implantation the GM offers him or her (the GM must offer at least three options, reflecting the diverse roles in a centaren colony-city system), or can be chosen from the examples previously mentioned above. If no choice is made, the character loses all other enhancing effects granted by his racial traits, including base land speed and darkvision, and receives impeding effects from his racial traits only, including the level impediment.
- Perfectible: At each new stage in life, a centaron goes home to his mother, and chooses another implantation or add-on that he gets for fulfilling his role in society. These implants and adds-on may or may not have effects on the character, but this decision is left to the GM's discretion. (1RP)
- Compound eyes: Centaren have compound eyes regular to all trio-thorax insectiods, and thus have an increased peripheral vision range, thus can notice, though not specifically or even detailed, anything visible in a 300-degree range. A centaron can't be ambushed, and sneak attacks can only be performed at a minimum 40 ft. range. (2RP)
- Darkvision total: Centaren are born in the darkness of their subterranean colony-cities, thus their eyes are naturally used to darkness, and they can always see no matter how dark it is. (1RP)
- Double eye membrane: Due to the environment they grow up in, in order to protect their eyes, they developed protective membranes for their eyes. A centaron can see perfectly in environments that usually physically impede vision, such as underwater or sandstorm, etc. (1RP)
- Light sensitivity: Due to spending most of their lives under ground, centaron eyes are extremely sensitive to any environment with more than very dimmed light. They must keep their eyes covered in such environments, and their vision is limited to 60 ft. at most in very strong light. The type and origin of the light is irrelevant. (-1RP)
- Chitin exoskeleton: Centaren are insects by origin, and share a lot in common with other lesser insects. Thus, their exoskeleton grows stronger the older the centaron grows, reflected in a +1 Natural armor until they reach 8th level, when the bonus grows to +2, and to +3 when they reach 16th level, and get a DR 1/- at 15th level. These bonuses do not stack with other bonuses provided by magical and spell-like effects, and the DR stacks only with DR provided by armor material that are 5/- or lower, or with other centaron traits. If any effect should say otherwise, this effect takes precedence, or does not apply at all. (3RP)
- Flammable: The centaron exoskeleton can endure great cold while keeping them warm, thus giving them a stacking DR 5/- against cold damage. They do not require campfire at night to keep them warm, even in cold weather. However, chitin if very flammable, and any fire attack deals an extra 2d4 damage, or 2d6 if the damage dice is d10 or greater. If fire damage brings a centaron's HP below 0, he must make a DC 25 Fortitude save or die, or DC 30 instead, if the damage dealt exceeds three times his total HD. (-1RP)
- Excellence: While wearing light or medium armor the centaron is proficient with, he or she decreases the Armor Check Penalty by -1, or -2 instead, if the character is 11th level or higher. (1RP)
- Skillful: Centaren receive 5 bonus skill points whenever they gain a new level after the first, however, the 1th level initial skill points multiplier does not apply to them. In addition, they get a bonus feat at 1st level. (1RP)
- Quadrupedal movement: Centaren normally move on all four, at a normal speed of 50 ft. Also, they can move in any way on walls and ceilings while not carrying anything in their hands at the same speed. While moving like this, they can carry load as if they were under the effect of the Ant Haul spell, and can't be flat-footed. (2RP)

FAVORED CLASS OPTION: At 1st level a centaron can choose a single class as his favored class. Once this choice has been made, it cannot be changed. Whenever the centaron gains a level in his favored class, he gets an additional 5 HP. The standard favored class rule does not apply to centaren.

RACIAL VALUE: 17 RP (ability score increase = 5 RP; racial traits = 10 RP; favored class option = 2 RP)

POWER LEVEL: 1 or 2 (GM's decision) [bejzikli, ne znam kako se zove ono sta dobivaju malo jace rase koje su malo jace, pa moraju biti uvijek level ispod najviseg levela u partyu ili kolektivnog party levela, vateva]
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Nova rasa forum competition
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