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 Starting anew: part 2

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Starting anew: part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Starting anew: part 2   Starting anew: part 2 EmptyWed Aug 27, 2014 7:10 pm

Starting anew: part 2 Great_portal_for_talisman_by_feliciacano-d4aox5d

''So,'' asked Asmodeus, ''do we have a deal?''

The other five fell silent for a few minutes to gather their thoughts. They knew very well that
they could trust the archduke of Hell for he has helped them many time before and he always
stayed true to his word. His plan, however, sounded risky.

''We will need an army.'' said Power.

''You will be given time to gather one.'' promised Asmodeus.

''What about resources? Food, water, gold?'' asked Wisdom.

''There will be plenty of it on the other side.'' Asmodeus assured her.

All eyes turned towards Justice. Out of all of them, Justice was the least pleased with this

''And what once they reach the other side?'' asked Justice.

''I don't know.''


Several days later, as lord Gyr, ruler of Absalon, led his army of 3,000 capable men through the old
ruins, the rest of his people following him, Asmodeus explained his plan to him and the five aspects.
Asmodeus will open a portal that the Old Gods had left behind many eons ago, a portal that has a
unique property and it is that it can link itself with any other plane in any multiverse and he will find
these people a new home. In return for his service, he will be given both the plane and the souls of
all those who inhabit it thus making his ancient plan finally come full circle as he will finally rise beyond
the normal deity and become something even greater.

As the portal opened, lord Gyr bid his final farewell to Asmodeus and the five aspects and stepped
through the portal, shortly followed by the rest of his men. The five remained behind for unexplained
reasons and their fate remains unknown.

As lord Gyr and his men entered this strange new world and the portal closed shut behind them, permanently,
the first thing they saw was a small group of orcs riding towards them, armed to the teeth.

''TO ARMS!!!''

The end

''You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders."
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Starting anew: part 2
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