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 Story: The undead lords of the Dreadlands

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Story: The undead lords of the Dreadlands Empty
PostSubject: Story: The undead lords of the Dreadlands   Story: The undead lords of the Dreadlands EmptyFri Apr 04, 2014 2:49 pm

Story: The undead lords of the Dreadlands Runewars-art-undead

Zombies, skeletons, vampires and other all share the common name...the undead.
These beings are mostly reanimated corpses filled with negative energy. They are
either raised by crazed necromancers or they came to being when their corpse got
in close contact with an extreme amount of negative energy. The undead live in
Dreadlands where they exist under the watchful eye of the elves. But it has not alway
been like this.

The first undead were created by a crazed necromancer named Mordred. Mordred was
once a human warlock of unimaginable power, but this is not his story. What you need
to know is that Mordred had served the demon God Nezzrexiel who had in return fueled
him with arcane energy. However, after failing at the attempt to summon Nezzrexiel to
this plane, Mordred realized that his master will surely try to destroy him for his failure
and that he needed to build himself an army to protect him from whatever demons
Nezzrexiel sends against him. He started to experiment with negative energy, following
his own theory that if positive energy can bring someone back from the dead, then
negative energy might have a similar effect, but before he could finish his experiments
a bunch of demons jumped him and killed him. Unknown to the demons, Mordred had
infused himself with so much negative energy that he had soon reanimated himself as
the first undead in history.

Story: The undead lords of the Dreadlands Gw2orrianundead2

Mordred eventually created the Dreadlands and the Witch Lords, the masters of all
undead kind, to rule over his creations if anything were to happen to him. These Witch
Lords were given free reign over all of the undead and the power to create new
undead of their own. Before the First War, the Witch Lords had created several kinds
of undead soldiers that can still be found in the Dreadlands. After the First War and
the defeat of the Witch Lords, these undead still exist in the Dreadlands. There are
three lords of the undead in Dreadlands.

Story: The undead lords of the Dreadlands Undead_dungeon_master_by_vegasmike-d593nv6

Gorrn, the Butcher

Gorrn, the Butcher, is unique among the undead. He was once a mountain giant who got
killed by the Witch Lords and reanimated. Unlike most undead, Gorrn has a mind of his own
and he has been butchering all those who he could find, taking out their organs and placing
them inside of his skeleton in a desperate attempt to make himself whole again. Gorrn is
also the creator of mighty cadaver collectors, huge armored undead goliaths that scavenge
the battlefields for corpses.

Story: The undead lords of the Dreadlands Undead_mage_by_loztvampir3-d3hg4v2

Drag'Gul, the Lich Lord

Drag'Gul is a powerful lich who rules over all undead spellcasters. He is the greatest general of
the Witch Lords and he constantly seeks a way to restore his masters. He is cunning and cruel
and often comes up with new ways of creating undead and torturing the living. He is also the
one who created the first graveknights to serve his masters.

Story: The undead lords of the Dreadlands Undead_dragon

Raxelyx, the Deathbringer

Raxelyx the Deathbringer is the most powerful of all undead lords of Dreadlands. He is a dracolich,
a reanimated dragon of huge power, and all other undead lords answer to him. He is the first and
most powerful of his kind. Raxelyx has a large history shrouded in mystery. All mortals know about
him is that he was once a powerful black dragon that sold his soul to Mordred in return for eternal
life and even more power.

There exist rumors of a fourth lord of the undead, but none of that has been confirmed. Today, these
lords wage a constant war against the elves who guard the borders of their kingdom. When they are
not fighting the elves or fighting among themselves, they are searching for a way to bring back their
masters. Many scholars who had captured and examined some intelligent undead believe that they
now serve a new more powerful master as they kept talking about a voice that they hear in their
heads that compels them to do its bidding. With the Witch Lords and Mordred long gone, it is still unknown
who to the undead serve now.

''You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders."
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Story: The undead lords of the Dreadlands
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